Dwight Brooks


Dwight Brooks
CEO Delta  

Producer ♦ Director

D.G.A.   ♦   S.A.G

After serving in the U.S. Air Force, Dwight Brooks started his motion picture career as an actor with help from James Stewart and Glenn Ford. Dwight worked his way up to leading roles for several years before moving into directing and producing. Director John Ford and Director/Producer Alfred Hitchcock both mentored Dwight as he learned and developed his directing skills. During his career, Dwight has produced and directed over 30 successful feature motion pictures for Delta. His television experience as a director and producer consists of over 150 episodes, specials and feature films for television. Dwight served as executive in charge of production for the Steve McQueen picture "BULLITT".

Dwight has been a long standing member of Directors Guild  of America, Screen Actors Guild and Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. He served as a Blue Panel judge for the Prime Time Emmy Awards. Dwight has received many awards from the motion picture industry for his outstanding motion picture achievements. Dwight has a law degree and a degree in cinema fine arts. He is a descendant of the Brooks family, JUSTERINI & BROOKS, LTD., distillers of the world famous J & B SCOTCH.





Feature Pictures Produced & Directed

By Dwight Brooks ~ Delta 



Republic Pictures

     Independent Producer    


        Gold Rush

        Apache Country

        Cheyenne Uprising



Goldwyn Studio

Independent Producer


  Stand At Apache Wells    

  Return To Fort Laramie

  Blue Dust

  Command Post

  The Apache Kid

  North Passage

  Robin Hood *

  The Dummy *


  Condition Red

  Moon River


*Filmed in London, England




Warner Brothers Studio

Independent Producer



Remember Me

Too Late to Scream

Streets of New York

Shadows in the Night

The Al Capone Story

Adverse Conditions

Hot Point

The Bold Breed

The Big Fall


The Donner Party



Universal Studios

Independent Producer


Legends of the Red Rocks (IMAX Format)

The Living Desert (IMAX Format)


Love & Honor

Mad Mad Wagon Party


High Risk



Delta Movie Studio


Legend of Black Bart

 World of Dreams







Dwight Brooks 


Director John Ford at the Four Corners        John Ford with John Wayne & James Stewart



Alfred Hitchcock

Dwight on Set 









Ben Cooper, Dwight Brooks, Ernie Borgnine

Hands Through History

Sedona, AZ





Behind The Scenes On The Movie Set











































































 A Scene from Bullitt




































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